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Britax trailer junction box 10 way

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High Quality Britax 10 way junction box for trailers.


High Quality Britax 10 way junction box. Usually factory fitted on Iforwilliams trailers.

Ideal for cattle trailers or builders trailers for a re-wire or an upgrade as it allows all the cables to come back to one point, keeping the run free from joins which are a usual failure point.

Not limited to Iforwilliams, this junction box could be used on Nugent trailer or even for your caravan.

For 12V and 24V applications supplied with fixing bolts and rubber grommets for:
3 x 7 core round cable.
4 x 4 core round cable.
7 x 2 core flat or 6.2mm round cable.

External dimensions:

Length 165mm

Width 110mm

Depth 60mm

There are are 2 fixing bolts on the rear approx 25mm long