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2 wire fast install tracker

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2 Wire fast install tracker ideal for cars or vans.


Perhaps the easiest of all the trackers in stock. This tracker simply sits on top of your battery with double sided tape and the 2 wires are connected to your battery. Instantly see your vehicle appear on screen and start keeping track.

How it works

This unit receives a signal from GPS satellites overhead and transmits this via the mobile phone network to our server. Even when the car is switched off it is constantly sensing vibrations and movement. It can send an alert straight away if it is disconnected or disturbed. Using the battery voltage it can detect whether the engine is running or not and uses this to alert you to unauthorised movements.

How it's installed

    • Locate the battery under the bonnet of your car and clean the top.

    • Remove the GPS tracker from its packaging and connect the red wire to the + side of the battery and the black wire to the -

    • With the wires exiting the tracker at the front remove the backing of the sticky pad on the base and stick the unit to the top of your battery

    • Open the app on your phone or log in to your online account